Smart Kids

I have discovered just how smart my kids really are. It’s fantastic, they pick up so fast on things and are very inquisitive. They ask a million different questions and now that they are homeschooled those questions can be answered. I am willing to explore things that spark their interest no matter how trivial or … Continue reading Smart Kids


OK so Monday was our first day home schooling yay!! The kids and I were super excited to start this journey together. So I wake the kids up, they get ready, we eat breakfast and we sat down and did our bible study together. We are studying creation because it makes since to start in … Continue reading Chaos

On our way

So I’m on my way in the adventure of home schooling. The kids are super excited and so am I (although a little nervous as well). I think this is going to be a good change so that our kids can learn on a more personalized standard to conform to what suits their learning style … Continue reading On our way